WE inspire girls across the UAE to develop their enthusiasm for physical movement, as a tool to build their self esteem and personal wellbeing.

Social Environments

instilling self-confidence and motivation to take on a new activities and challenges, that are inclusive for all.

Building a Self Esteem and a Positive Mindset

providing a toolkit which allows girls to nurture their personal wellbeing, and become their own personal mentors who are body positive.

a Legacy of Active Role Models

Building leadership skills which support girls to develop a sense of responsibility for both themselves and others

the need for change

We live in an era, which often portrays a fake and unrealistic idea of what it is to be a girl.

This continuous bombardment shatters girl's confidence and self esteem, creating confusion of what it is to live a healthy, active, nutritious lifestyle. As a result, girls and young women are underestimating their capabilities and losing sight of their brilliance.

EveryGirlCan supports girls across the UAE to build self confidence and instil healthy habits through movement, inspiring them to stand proud of their true authentic self.

What we do

We run activities, events and holiday camps across Dubai engaging girls in a wide variety of physical activities, creating female role models and ambassadors of the future.






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